Totally Geeked Out in a Word-Nerd Kind of Way

So in an act of complete self-indulgence this summer, I purchased two broadsides with the intention of framing them and hanging them in a place of honor somewhere in our home.  

And then I was broke. 

And then I was still broke, but I found a coupon that gave me a significant discount off the framing, so I had them framed anyway, despite the broke-ness. I was able to pick them up this afternoon, and I'm going to show them off here, as the last post of September.

Featuring a fragment from Book of Nightmares.

A signed copy! And 25/30. I. am. such. a. dork.

They are now hanging above the couch in our living room. My entire family has to share in my nerdy fan-girl side, too.


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