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National Poetry Month

Welp, I'm not going to blog for long since I've been reduced to using my smart phone for almost all types of communication -- I'm rarely able to put the baby down for long enough to sit at the computer, and using the laptop when my lap is already occupied by a sleeping or nursing baby is impossible ... But I wanted to post, maybe by way of public resolution, that I'm going to at least READ a lot of poetry this month if I can't find time or space or the requisite quiet inside my head to WRITE it. So many people are participating in the poem-a-day exercise I started to feel a little out of the loop ... And then I looked down at my smushy kissable Vampire Baby (who, while adorable, is still sucking my life force from me, even if she's now outside the womb) and said ... Fuck NaPoWriMo or whatever the hell it's called, I have a BABY... And then I said to myself, since the baby was asleep and the dogs were outside and there was really no one else to talk to ...