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Mini-Post with Picture

I finally finished scanning the fairy tale. Now the real work begins. I'm going to do a little overly obsessive logging of the "stats" and come back to post more later. What an effin' mess.

Emerging from the Hormone Fog ... and Writing!

Woohoo! Today marks Day Three of actually raising my butt up outta bed when A. leaves for work! He's leaving close to 5:40 a.m. these days, which is later than my starting time this past spring, but who cares! The fact that I'm conscious and don't feel totally hungover when I wake up AND that I want to write -- I wrote both yesterday and the day before, people -- speaks volumes. Take THAT, hormones! I guess my body is finally beginning to adjust to this pregnancy thing, which is sooooo cool. I'm not one of those women who loves being pregnant. I like the squishy adorable baby part at the end, but I cannot stand being ruled by hormones. It totally sucks that you can be conscious of being a raving lunatic and yet somehow unable to cease being that raving lunatic when you're riding a hormone surge. Or to be aware that, in some parallel universe, you'd stop the words coming out of your mouth, but that you're stuck in this universe and in this universe y

Phase One: Asleepyness (21 Jump Street, anyone?)

Oh, hello again! This morning I actually woke up early. Well, sort of early. Around 7 a.m., which is not the same as 5 a.m., but is at least before my children have stirred, so I have a few minutes to start (and perhaps finish) a blog post. Lately I've been thinking about what's been going on in my family/home life and wondering if I should post anything about it, and then I argued (with myself, of course, because I'm crazy) that this blog is, after all, about the intersection of kid-raising and poem-writing and teaching . . . so perhaps I should offer up an explanation to my readers (all 2.5 of you!) about why I've been silent throughout much of June and July. Actually, I already explained June -- we were traveling a lot, and there wasn't much time for writing or reflecting or reflective writing and so, you know    . . . but I haven't explained July. The few (2?) posts for this month have been chock-full of oh-I'm so tired and oh-this-is-so- unu

Waiting for the Fog to Burn Off: What I'm Doing With My Summer, Part II

I feel like I should put some kind of disclaimer on this blog . . . not much is going on lately. I've been incredibly sleepy lately, and indulging that sleepiness, so that I'm actually logging about 10 hours of sleep a night . . . which is just incredible for me. (Usually I get about 6-8 hours  . . .) I've had lots and LOTS of kid time lately. Little Girl's camp doesn't begin until next week, so I've been full-time mommy for about three weeks now. Because I've been sleeping in until I hear the pitter patter of little feet (or, more aptly put, the stomp stomp stomp of those little feet), I've relinquished the two hours of quiet, in-my-head time that I find necessary to do any real writing or reading or reflecting. It's not terrible, though. I'm finding it difficult to push through this exhaustion thing -- hell, I'm even napping when The Boy naps during the day, so that's about 1 to 2 more hours of sleep -- but I've been spen