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Overwhelmed, So Please Excuse the Public Freak-Out

Next year, I am going to set my school email account with one of those automatic "out of office" reply messages that states I'm unavailable during the month of July and that I will respond to emails, AND DO SCHOOL-RELATED WORK, beginning Aug. 1. Really. Someone remind me about that, please. 'Cause I'm sure I'll forget and be all like, "oh, whatever, I can handle it," and then come mid-July I'll be a freakin' nut case, all stressed out because, very clearly, I CANNOT HANDLE IT. I'm having trouble focusing. I can't figure out how to see projects, even very small ones like folding laundry or running an errand, to the finish. I begin something, and naturally Vampire Baby or Little Miss Talkalot or The Boy interrupts as it is their wont and their right to do, but then I forget. I move on to something else. And as a result, my entire house looks like one of those antique shops that has shit piled upon other shit -- you know, those c