"Generally, working people need to be sturdy." (My Morning Reading)

First, two poems by Ish Klein. I'm not entirely sure what to think of her work as a whole, but I like this poem, "Fairy Tales from the Web," its quiet humor and especially its ending, and this audio poem, for which I really wish the Poetry Foundation had also provided text.

While reading Ish Klein I discovered this lovely formal poem by William Meredith: "Five Accounts of a Monogamous Man."

And then, surprise, surprise -- after finding that Contemporary Poetry Review piece I mentioned in my last post, I came across this article in The Guardian (via the NewPages blog) that talks also, albeit very briefly, about criticism (and its impending death).

And now, I shall put away the laptop and go grade like a good girl.

p.s. Oh! And one more: Have I mentioned my huge writer crush on Paul Lisicky? Here's Ocelot. This and three other short fiction pieces are available at Cedars.

p.p.s. Damn. I keep being distracted . . . or rather, I keep looking for distraction because I'd rather do that than grade (since I was up until midnight grading, and who wants to get up at 5:30 a.m. after going to bed at midnight and pick up where you left off? Not I, obviously!) ANYWAY, here's a kind of awesome poem on Verse Daily from Hannah Gamble.


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