I Hoped to Write a Real Post, But Life Got in the Way

So, for now, more numbers. I am really trying to spend every spare moment in the morning on this poem -- ignoring email, Facebook, my treadmill, those dishes in the sink from last night, and the fact that I haven't made the girl's lunch yet -- in an attempt to do this right, and get this revision finished in the next two weeks. 

Hopefully, once this is done, I can write some reflective posts for this blog that are a little more interesting and useful to a general reader. For now, here's the diary of my progress:

RE: Fairy Tale Poem

Stanzas revised Wednesday:1
Stanzas revised Thursday: 2
Stanzas revised Friday: 3
Stanzas revised Saturday-Sunday: 1
Stanzas revised Monday: 3
Stanzas revised Tuesday: 5
Stanzas revised Wednesday: 2
Stanzas revised Thursday: 3
Stanzas revised (total): 65
Stanzas that need revision: 26

(That's right. My counting skills -- you know, those skills my four year old is acquiring right now -- are not so good. There are 91 stanzas in the poem  . . . I think . . . and not 89, so my totals were a little off and won't match up to previous posts. We have high hopes for the meter of the poem, then, eh?)

P.S. OH YEAH! And a shout out to Ms. L.C., who has rocked her sabbatical already by completing the first full draft of her dissertation. WOOHOO!!!! You can read about her dissertation/parts of her dissertation on her blog, This is Not My Narrative.

P.P.S. After writing this I promptly jumped to another page and played on Facebook. I. am. the. worst.


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