What I Read When I Should Be Doing Other Things

Still not much to say. Juggling many different projects, and not well. I think I should just accept that I am a writer like I am a reader of books; one at a time, and slowly.

I'm really good at reading essays and poems on the internet, though. How much of my life has been spent falling down rabbit holes, I wonder? Anyway, here are two of the latest:

1) The Mezzo Cammin Women Poets Timeline Project: I just discovered Mezzo Cammin, the online journal of formalist poetry by women, and then I tripped onto their Timeline Project, where they archive lovely little essays/introductions to poets like A.E. Stallings.

2) On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, experimental and not linked to form, is this "thin narrative in fragments." Lisa Ciccarello and Emma Trithart, the poet and artist respectively, call these ".gif poems." I'm in love with how this is so playful and yet so dark at the same time. The project is different and risk-taking and Number 10 is my favorite.

Speaking of experimental, I finally began work on the video poem I'm making with my colleague at Stuffolk (which I don't think is going to be very experimental after all, because I'm just not that kind of poet). We recorded the audio the other day, and tomorrow I'm bringing Little Miss Talkalot and The Boy with me to school, where we're going to hike into the neighboring pine barrens and take footage of them in the knee-high drifts of decaying leaves. They'll probably come home covered in ticks and other creepy crawlies . . . but for now, they're excited about the idea of being in the video.

Today is a writing group day, however; either work on my play or the review I still haven't finished. Next week I begin going back into the office part-time, to prep for the new semester. Le sigh. Summer has ended too quickly.

(I guess I did have something to say, after all. Coffee must have kicked in...)


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