Winners of the "Fabulous Beast: The Sow" Giveaway

So this was fun. And weird. People sure like free stuff -- 1349 people (you read that right) signed up over Goodreads to win a free copy of my chapbook.

I am not a well-known writer, nor am I under any delusion that there are 1349 feminist scholars out there, or even 1349 ordinary everyday readers, who think the idea of a sequence of poems about a pig who shifts shape is a really GOOD idea and wow, wouldn't I like to own a book like that? 

No, people just like winning free stuff.

And I am O-K with that.

At the very least, I'm hoping that the 10 people who DID win DO actually wish to read the poems inside the free book they're about to receive in the mail.

And by the way, Goodreads uses some kind of complex algorithm to figure out which lucky 10 readers are allowed to win books in the giveaway, so please don't blame ME if you didn't win a copy. You can, however, email me if you'd like one.

Here are the lucky 10:  (I think it's so cool to imagine my little book traveling to the far reaches of the globe. Cool, huh?)

Christina Beard-Moose of New York
Michelli Rinaldi of Brazil
Danielle Geldenhuys of South Africa
Nika Afandiyeva of the Netherlands
Geraldine Goh of Singapore
Jake Hainey of Great Britain
Briana Davila of Texas
Janeswaree Maloo of Mauritius
Diana Jean B. Guinto of the Philippines
Taylor Keyes of Nebraska

The books went out in the mail today after the kids went to school.

I am grading papers. I am working on very little sleep. I am AWESOME at this life thing. Really. 


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