Good News, Grading, and the Gradual Decline of My Mind

Well, somehow I made it to the end of the week without completely losing my mind or my dignity. I say completely, because I'm fairly sure I lost a little of both. And that's pretty standard. I'm losing brain cells and pride the way a beach loses sand . . . a little bit at a time, imperceptibly, until one day, people'll be like, "Wow, she's nuts!" the way we go to the beach and say, "Wow, the water's right up to the dunes now."

Or something like that. The beach losing sand is more impressive, really.

I have a gajillion papers to finish grading this weekend. And myriad errands to run with the kiddos, who need clothes, diapers, birthday presents for friends . . . so I don't have high hopes for the grading.

I do have good news to share, though. Verse Wisconsin Online published two of my poems (with audio -- a first for me!) and the issue was just released today. So that's happy-making. Even if I look like a sleep-deprived hurt piece in my author photo (which is exactly what I was back in June) and sound a little tinny in the recordings.

I will note that this silly short post took 45 minutes to write, between child-and-dog wrangling. We have three dogs right now, by the way. We're dog sitting for my sister and brother in-law. Because what's one more when you're already knee-deep in dog hair and children?


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