Poetry Postcard Project: Day Nine, Posted Five Days Late

Why is it that the minute life slowed down (The Leadership Torture Camp Conference ended) things fell apart? And by "things fell apart," I mean that I caught a nasty cold -- WTF August? -- and our Poetry Postcard Project was derailed.

We're still writing, but the post cards have to be sent. Here's what went in the mail over the weekend, that I didn't have time to put up on the blog until today:

Mark Ryden's "Logging Truck"
Little Miss Talkalot and Nana forgot to take a photo of her poem & postcard before they mailed it on Friday, while I was in the clutches of the last hours of Leadershipness. I tried finding the draft in her journal but there are also lyrics for pop songs in there, a la the Disney Radio machine, and it's tough to say what's intended for a poem and what's intended for a song. So I'm just going to let this one go and post my stuff.


Liz said…
Nana is sorry she forgot to take a photo of Lisbeth's poem last Friday, before mailing it. Very busy with vampire baby perhaps?!
Yes, you were just slightly preoccupied. I think we can forgive you. :)

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