More Numbers & a Little Beginning-of-the-Semester Hysteria


Stanzas revised yesterday: .5-1 (It was slow-going and I was a little sleep-deprived.)
Stanzas revised this morning: 2-3 (I finished the stanza I was battling yesterday. I'm a little behind schedule, but at least I've been working, right?)
Stanzas revised (total): 24 (roughly a quarter of the way through the poem)
Stanzas that need revision: 65

I'm off to a slow start for the first day of the fall semester. Because Mondays are my non-duty days (no classes to teach), I'm trying not to panic too much. Key word is trying -- I don't know if I'm being very successful. But in an attempt to quell some of my anxiety, I'm going to get on the treadmill now and wear myself out (last week I managed to run Sunday-Friday -- not that my fleshy self is showing any evidence of the work I did . . .) and then take the kiddos to school and then go to my office and try to avoid the first-week-of-school chit chat that always results in putting me behind schedule. I need more discipline when it comes to being social. Sometimes I suspect I'd talk to a wall if it would keep me from doing what I'm supposed to do.


Elizabeth said…
If I weren't on sabbatical I'd come to your office and engage you in lots of chit chat. Put you totally behind schedule. :)
Of course! Because I'd totally join in. I'm no good at saying no to anyone who comes into the office to talk.

So I'm trying to keep my ass in my office chair . . . it decreases the chances of chit chat. If I walk out into the hallways, it's all over.

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