Once again, the blog isn't getting much attention. The rest of my life is, however. I'm using spring break as a way to kind of tune-up areas of my life that have been a little neglected as of late. I'm getting more sleep, and I'm running again (in anticipation of a 10K in June, no less.) I spent yesterday at the office taking care of creative writing festival tasks, and today will be filled with a mixture of grading, more festival business, and getting the truck inspected.

I've been writing, well, minimally. Yesterday morning's writing time was spent putting together and then sending out submissions to literary journals, so I'm not beating myself up too much, because submissions are a necessary part of my writing life as well. I'd planned to spend this week revising my fairy tale poem, but like most of my best intentions, that was a bit too ambitious. I need to have my head clear of these tasks that are screaming for my attention right now . . . and I need to declutter my desk to the point where I can find all of the drafts of the fairy tale that A. and I made notes on during my sabbatical. Having those would probably help with the revision process, eh?

For now, here's a brief photographic essay of sorts about my sabbatical -- a kind of addendum to my official report.

Where I wrote:

What I wrote:

My partner-in-crime: (He went to the office with me yesterday! I'm not sure he liked it, but I did. He's such a good boy!)


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