Long Form Friday Report

Spent three and a half hours writing just over 1500 words of Accountability Partners today (my non-verse play). And in the morning, before the kids woke up, I wrote another poem for the new manuscript. That makes over 60 poems written since the end of June! 

Sorry for the blog brag, but I had to share my good news with the universe. I'm on some kind of unprecedented tear here, and thoroughly enjoying it. I mean, not all of those 1500 words are golden, and I sincerely doubt all of the poems are publishable (certainly not right now -- most need the benefit of time and careful revision) . . . but I'm so, so happy and grateful for the generation. And, yes, relieved. Because at this time last year, I was already having serious doubts about my abilities and future as a writer (even before the bad news/sabbatical debacle). After all -- while it goes a long way toward helping with validation, publication is not necessarily the thing that makes one feel like the genuine article. It's the ability to commit and get the thing that you want to write done. And after many years of just fucking around, treading water, I'm finally moving in an actual direction. Making progress. Yay!

Sorry/not sorry for the obscenity. My play is full of them -- which makes it so much fun to write -- and it's difficult to get out of the habit.

I'm tired now, though. And oddly, at the same time, jittery and jacked up on coffee. So it's time to go home, eat something, and then tackle some grading (*groan*) before the kiddies come home from school.

Since I'm not currently on Instagram, I'll leave this screenshot of today's Poem-A-Day, by Ruth Ellen Kocher, here for your perusal. I really love it. You're welcome, internet!


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