A Quick Post from the Sabbatical I Stole (Kind Of) By Running Away to Sicily

A. and I spent two really quick days (really more like one) in Venice, Italy and then spent most of today traveling to the medieval city of Erice, which is in Sicily.

Me! In Venice! Yay!
In Erice! Yay!
So far: Italian food is just as amazing as everyone believes, in Europe a glass of water is still more difficult to come by than alcohol, Alitalia DID lose my luggage and I've yet to hear what happened to it, AND I've written two poems on two different flights (and they might be crap poems, but at least I was writing).

Also, the view from the hotel is fucking amazing. And no, my photos don't really do it justice.

Also also, I'm running on very little sleep.

The Bread Loaf Sicily Writers Conference seems great so far -- everyone who is a part of its inner workings is friendly and helpful and down to earth. Tonight the entire program convenes together for a big dinner, and then tomorrow craft talks and workshops begin.

I wanted to get *something* written here because I missed posting last week, but mostly this is just an excuse to share some pictures -- particularly since I'm off the effbook and instawhatzit.

More at the end of the week, after things have actually happened.

OH. And I kinda-sorta have the best news in the world (for me, right now) but I can't post anything until I know more/confirm said best news in a legit way. Anyway, that's vague, but pretty accurate. When I can, I'll spill. Until then, more pics of Italy and its fab-ness.

My writing desk! In Erice! Double Yay!


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