Kick-Ass Colleagues and Contingency Plans

Vampire Kid has been sick for a month, seriously, with some kind of gross disgusting congested ear/nose/throat thing, and on Wednesday she had a reaction to the antibiotic we gave her, ON THE LAST FINAL EXAM PRESENTATION DAY for one of my classes, and my ass had to be saved by M.S., who kindly and with no small amount of trouble took MY students into HER classroom and videotaped their presentations for me while also providing feedback/art crits to her own students while I stayed home and fielded questions from Vampire Kid while grading a sum total of three papers all day.

She's pretty much an American hero . . .  M.S., that is, not Vampire Kid.

This time of year blows, and I hate writing that, because I actually kinda love the holidays. But it's always complicated, for me, by End of the Semester Madness, and I reach the end of the year exhausted and grumpy and demoralized and that's . . . not great. I mean, sometimes I bounce back quickly and by New Year's I'm optimistic and happy and back to my usual Muppet-like demeanor, but this year it's kind of difficult to see that transformation happening that quickly.

I have so much grading to do, and five days to do it, kind-of-not-really with the Christmas holiday smack in the middle of it. The only reason I'm writing this blog post is because it's easier to do while the kids are running around getting ready for school than grading. Once the little people exit the house I'll grade for about an hour, then go to Vampire Kid's Holiday Song presentation at PreK. Then we're supposed to take her out to lunch and make a big deal of her and then eventually it will be back to grading.

Tomorrow, grading. Sunday, some more grading and then Christmas Eve stuff. Monday, Christmas. Tuesday, grades due by midnight.

I might be having a panic attack.

Yay! Merry merry, ya'll.


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