More Good News -- And it's Not Just Mine!

The REALLY good news? I managed to teach the first two parts of Anna Karenina to my Intro to the Novel class yesterday without having thoroughly re-read the material. And I don't think I screwed up my students! In Kermit the Frog fashion, can I get a big "YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY . . ."

Hello? Anyone?

ANYWAY. William Kelley Woolfitt generously published my verbose answers to his interview questions yesterday on his wonderful project, Speaking of Marvels. You can find my specific interview here, but I would recommend scrolling through the site and reading the interviews from all of the other chapbook authors. It's interesting to see inside other people's writing processes. Also, I like that he provides a sample of each poet (or fiction writer's) work at the end of each interview. ALSO, that he interviews authors of fiction chapbooks, and non-fiction chapbooks, which are a little more rare than poetry chaps. 

So it was pleasant and exciting to see that interview up. But equally exciting was to see, quite by accident, that my friend S. won the Jeannette Haien Ballard Writer’s Prize

I know people who do things. And win things. By association that makes me a winner too, right? 

Right? Right? Is this thing on?

*Sigh*. A. and I are leaving tomorrow for Seattle and the AWP Conference and Bookfair. My heroic mother is staying in my home WITH ALL THREE CHILDREN AND TWO LARGE DOGS while we are off visiting the other side of the country. I still have all of my packing to do, and a number of tasks to take care of at work, and yet I'm so excited about going on this trip that I can't quite focus.

Instead, I find things like this!


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