March Has Been Rough

I'm a little behind in my blog posts, I know. Imma little behind in everything, frankly. Practically the second after I posted that last revision of my sabbatical report, and sent the real sabbatical report off to Stuffolk's Sabbatical Committee, I appeared on the radar of some angry and vengeful god who decided it was about time I pay for all of the past six month's writing productivity. Zap! And like that, I awoke to a world filled with all-of-the-stuff-I-haven't-done.

And I haven't written much of anything since then. Not a good sign.

This weekend, however -- the first low-key weekend in quite some time -- was good for getting some of that done. Mostly homefront kind of work like: paying past-due bills (our usually neat-and-orderly finances another casualty of the sabbatical); laundry; going through stacks of old mail and paper cluttering the kitchen counters; cleaning up the yard; and planting some peas in the vegetable garden.

Mostly, it was all stuff that I could do while my little blonde things ran circles around me. A. has been working like a fiend for the past two weeks (6 days a week, 12 hour days) which means that I really couldn't do many of the things that require me to be alone and quiet and reflective. My mornings have either been filled with doing work-related stuff (I know, I know, I infringed on the sacred writing time! Once to finish a letter of recommendation I was an entire month behind on, another time to simply reread and prep for my class) OR with desperately-needed-but-not-enough sleep.

Apparently I still haven't had enough sleep, though, despite those stolen or renegotiated hours, because my body is showing its typical signs of distress. And I'm sick with another cold. At first I thought it was allergies, because all of the world opened up this past week in response to the unusual warmth. But yesterday, when I finally took cold medicine and FELT BETTER, I realized that maybe my ass wouldn't have been dragging so much this past week if I'd thought to take that stuff in the first place.

Ah, hindsight.

Anyway, over the weekend and in my head, I have been musing over another post I'll write (hopefully this week), something a little more essay-like and actually related to writing. So there's that . Today is my non-duty day (read: no teaching, no going into the office) but it shall be filled with finishing the grading I'm a week behind on and also taking care of Creative Writing Committee stuff.

Spring Break is a week away. Perhaps then I'll be able to get this life o' mine in order.

(I am really, really bad at this Being A Functioning-Legitimate-Person Thing.)


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