My Morning Reading, Continued (with NYU Lovefest Addendum)

1. One of my friends posted this story by H.M. Patterson to Facebook. It's lovely.

2. Trolling the Poetry Foundation's site again. Found this poem by Kathleen Graber.

3. Also on the Poetry Foundation site, this poem by Anthony Hecht. Love, love, love.

Perhaps I shall write now, yes?


Trolling the Painted Bride Quarterly's site, and I found work by a slew of fellow female alumni:

It’s Like Riding on a Train by Nellie Bridge. Nellie's poems are quiet but powerful. She's also a really beautiful person. I'm so happy to see her work being published.

Tiny Elijah by Sarah Heller. I love this poem and I *heart* Sarah Heller. She is one of the nicest people I know.

Morning Reading by Amy Hosig. I didn't hang out with Amy as much as I did with Nellie (or have that many classes with her), but I remember her talent and her open, friendly nature and I'm happy to see her being published, too.

Envy by Andrea Luttrell. Andrea and I share a love of the same kind of music and, I think, a similar sense of humor. (Which this lovely piece doesn't really showcase, but, you know, you can't be funny all the time.) (That's right. I said I'm funny.)

Obviously, there's a theme here: Writers who retain their empathy and generosity and loveliness beyond the limits of the page (i.e. don't turn into jerkholes when they aren't writing poems or stories) rank supreme in my book. Which, you know, is a very exclusive book. Everybody wants to be in my book. (WTF am I talking about? I should go back to reading . . . or, you know, write a poem.)


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