My Morning Reading: Now Featuring Dead Mice!

I've been really unfocused this week with my writing. I bounce between continuing the fairytale and revisions of my first myth poems, which I'd like to send out to a journal soon, and an idea for a brand new myth poem that's about 3 lines old and needs nearly 30 more.

Hopefully I'll get in good work today -- yesterday I worked but it was through a fog of sleepiness (the boy was up, on and off, most of the previous night) and then I battled a period of mania due to coffee overload. (Which means that I struggled with the final two lines of a stanza for about two hours, trying to find the perfect near-rhyme. I didn't find the perfect near-rhyme, or even a half-way decent near rhyme. These are the times I need someone to slap me and say, "Walk away, Kain. Walk away." I would have been better off taking my butt and my dog out for a much-needed walk.)

Anyhoo, this morning, some reading:

1. From How A Poem Happens, this entry from Sarah Arvio, about her lovely poem "Animal".

2. Autopsychography by Fernando Pessoa. I was introduced to his poetry in grad school by the marvelous Phillis Levin. I *heart* Phillis Levin, by the way. She's the jam.

3. In this post, The Blogess writes about traveling to New York to meet the publishers of her book. It includes a dead mouse named Hamlet Von Schnitzel, Tibetan fertilizer pillows, toilet phones, and why Stephen King never writes about his vagina. Her book is available for pre-order now. I want to go to there.

Reading is a really fun way to avoid writing, y'all.


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