Two Weeks, Two Pages? Two Hours, Two Lines? Good Grief.

As you may gather from this post's title, I've not made much progress since I finished scanning the fairy tale. I've revised a few lines from the first chapter only.

And I'm not the most cheerful of persons today. Yet somehow -- between puppy wrangling, child rearing, and fighting off fatigue and morning sickness -- I managed to revise two lines of my fairy tale poem today. That's right -- a whopping two lines in two hours. (Probably more like four hours, since I've been up since 5 a.m. with Sir New Guy.)

Also, in a fit of attention deficit, I turned the "Minor Gods" section of my full-length manuscript into a chapbook manuscript and prepared it for submission to a chapbook contest . . . even though the contest doesn't open until October and I have more pressing things to do . . . like phone calls to return and a house to clean . . . 

In fact, everything feels out of focus right now. I do some task and then become overwhelmed with the feeling that I should have done something entirely different.  As always, there is a stack of paper clutter, multiple sites of laundry clutter, and excess toys/junk/books/magazines to sort through. (*Grumble, grumble, grumble.* I. am. a. delight.)

On a positive note, Sir New Guy is super cute, the kiddos love him and he seems to love the kids. Once I stop feeling like crap (that will happen, right? Please tell me I'll stop feeling like this soon) I'm sure I'll be more upbeat about this whole domesticity/academia/writing balancing act.

Sir New Guy

I apologize for the truncated, surly post. I'll try to be more upbeat in the next one.


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