Mini-Post During Conference Week

Well, yesterday morning did not go smoothly. I managed to get out of the house by 7:05 a.m., with the kids, too, (they were really so good for me!) but after dropping them off at Grandma's and then driving all the way to the hotel where the conference was located, I discovered that I'd left my phone at home -- and I still had to call my neighbor about looking in on Sir New Guy during the day. Nice. I couldn't find a place to park at first and so I arrived at the conference in the nick of time and without an ounce of food in my belly.

So I did the only thing a hormonal, batshit crazy girl could do -- I went into one of the very private (thankfully) bathroom stalls and had a slightly hysterical cry, which made my sleep-deprived eyes redder than they already were but went a long way toward making me feel better. Sometimes you (I) just need that kind of release.

The rest of the day progressed fairly well. I didn't get in touch with the neighbor, but my mother-in-law saved the day and visited the house a second time to let Sir New Guy out, and some of the day's conference content actually seemed useful to me . . .  so here's hoping that today's commute features a little less crazy and a little more calm.


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