Interweb Show and Tell and Some Minor Griping

This past week I haven't accomplished much on the fairy tale revision (big surprise), but I did manage to check out the following:

1. This interview in Union Station Magazine with Aracelis Girmay.

2. This interview with Whiting Award winner and essayist Amy Leach.

3. This poem by Hailey Leithauser on the Poetry Foundation web site.

This upcoming week promises to be rip-roaring fun and not at all stressful! I'm going to spend time at a "Leadership Academy Conference," (you know you're jealous) and it runs from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening, so I'm totally dependent on the good will of other people when it comes to the care of my little circus.  

I'm really wondering if I made the right choice when I said I would participate in this thing, considering I'm not feeling very much like a leader nor like a team-player. There are going to be ice-breaker activities and . . . *shudder* . . . sharing! And, I'm sure, lots of groupthink language about leadership.

SO . . . while I'm off enjoying THAT I'm not sure I'll be blogging . . . but hopefully there'll be something to write about here when it's all done. 


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