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Podcasts, Poetry, and Post-post-post Modern Memoir (and Wild Turkeys and Bathroom Demo)

Time off in Virginia meant time off the blog, and some time off from writing, too. The car rides down and up the East Coast were long, but Miss New Teen, The Boy, and I listened to the S-Town podcast during the drive. It's just as good as people claim -- and probably just as ethically murky, too, but more like real journalism than anything I've read or watched or listened to in a decade.
It was full of profanity but nothing my kids haven't heard spill out of their sweet, innocent mother's mouth before (*eyeroll*), so after I gave them the "remember, don't repeat these words" lecture (and they inwardly rolled their eyes at me), we listened and they asked questions and learned more about the world's ugliness but also about its beauty -- specifically, the beauty we find in love (McLemore's for Tyler Goodson, for example) and intelligence and curiosity (McLemore's -- his was a mad, brilliant mind.) We all learned more than we'd ever thought …

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