Rain & Exhaustion & Things That Have To Be Done Anyway

Today it's difficult to get out of bed. It's raining outside, and I'm exhausted (coming down with yet another cold), and the dog makes a good nappin' partner. But I shall get out of bed. There are children to be wrangled, assignments to be graded, and a class to be taught. Into the rain I shall go.

I received an email yesterday that says the deadline for turning in our sabbatical reports is March 15. This is either a saving grace or a trap . . . I was prepared to have my report ready for March 5, but now I have ten extra days! I realize that the probability of using those 10 days to create a stronger, better written report and/or have more of my play written is very small, but I know I'll take them nonetheless. I'm not turning anything into the committee until I absolutely have to do so.

I've written two poems this week and yesterday I sent out another submission, after having received a rejection that freed up some poems for sending-out. Those are good accomplishments, but somehow I'm too tired to be very excited about it all. Hopefully morale will improve as the day wears on.

Here's an article I read yesterday in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. Actually, it's one of their blogs, not an article from the journal proper. But it's still useful IF you're a writer who struggles with finding time to write, and particularly apt if you're an academic struggling with finding time to write. (If you've figured this out all ready, congratulations, and this post is not for you!)


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