More Interweb Skulking

The girl is, apparently and finally, disease-free. Today will be filled with grading, a club meeting, and a class! Woohoo!

In between breaking up fights between Blondie and her pesky little brother, I cleaned a little (dishes are done, some of the laundry has been conquered) and ran a few errands. Also, I checked my work email and shuddered at the amount of committee meetings that are beginning to clog my calendar.

Then, desperate for distraction, I read and mulled over the following:

1. This article in Beyond Margins on ignoring one's "life" in order to write.

2. This interview in TriQuarterly with fellow Hyacinth Girl Press author Brooklyn Copeland.

3. This article in the Washington Post that involves fake busking, Bach, and a violin prodigy named Joshua Bell -- all in the interest of social science. It's a good reminder that this week I should have -- in between shuttling between CVS and home for Children's Tylenol and Gatorade, swearing under my breath and sometimes out loud at Long Island drivers, and settling toddler/first grader disputes -- stopped and taken a moment to more fully observe the world around me.

I haven't written much this week. I've been tweaking the layout of the manuscript instead, and looking through the D'Aulaire books for epigraphs, and mulling over the "last" (last?) myth poem . . . when, of course, I'm not mulling over the things I read on the internet.

I may be in mourning over the "end" of my manuscript . . . if this is, in fact, the end. I feel a little down, which could be attributed to all of the time I've spent cooped up in the house. (The kids are happy to return to school today, too!)

Hopefully, this weekend/next week will produce something worthy of the manuscript . . . or maybe even the play.


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