What I Read When I Panic About the Beginning of School and the End of Sabbatical

1. This excellent rumination on Roald Dahl by someone on the Silkworms Ink crew.

2. This article from Beyond The Margins by Jessica Francis Kane about writing while raising children.

3. This poem by Jane Kenyon. And since I'm on a Kenyon kick, this, too.


I'm nearly finished with the first section of the last chapter (Chapter X.i.) of the fairy tale. I spent all day at the library yesterday and managed to tweak two stanzas and write another two. I believe there will be one more before the section's complete. So I'll not have, most likely, the poem finished before the beginning of school. But I'll finish it soon. It's going to take precedence over teaching during the first week, and luckily that's okay, because the first week of school is a pretty easy week. (The second week, especially if I'm preoccupied with the poem, will be the scary week.)

Yesterday I received markups from The Southern Review of my poems. Yay! That wonderful email felt like the universe apologizing for the difficulty of the day, since The Doodle had three tantrums before we even left the house yesterday morning, during which I threw a reciprocal tantrum, and I felt humbled and exhausted and emotionally spent for the rest of the day. It's amazing I managed to write anything. Mommy Meltdowns make me feel f***ing inept. Really, I suck.


Yeah. Hahahahahahahaha! That's funny! School? Syllabi? Course Outlines and Handouts? What are those?

I did manage to order my books.

Days Until Reality Sets In: 4


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