Good News! A Chapbook!

I'm so, so thrilled to share this announcement that Hyacinth Girl Press, a feminist micro press, is going to publish the collection I've been referring to as my fable/"sow" poems in the upcoming year. HGP is a small, new, and energetic endeavor run by Margaret Bashaar, a poet and editor in Pittsburg, PA, and her handmade books and enthusiasm for poetry and poetry written by women are equally beautiful.

This is a fantastic way to begin the new year. Did I say earlier that I couldn't quite get my head around 2012? This helps, certainly.

And in other, slightly less thrilling announcements, I'm nearly finished with Chapter VIII (page 15!) of the fairy tale. Still haven't managed to complete any prep work for the new semester or even order my books, but I'm feeling fairly productive nonetheless. That is, I was productive, until the HGP announcement came out and now I'm all hyper and happy and jittery.

Even still, I'm going to attempt to go back to the grindstone now, because there are precious few days left free in January, and this poem ain't gonna write itself.


Kathleen said…
Congratulations on the chapbook!
sarah gutowski said…
Thanks so much, Kathleen. And congratulations to you, too! I'm looking forward to reading *Nocturnes* . . .

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