Grading and Dudes Who Should Know Better

Today is a day when I will do all the grading. 

I just needed to write that sentence, in the hopes that uttering it out loud and sending it flying into the inter-web-verse will make it good and true and actual, and that by the end of the day I will have all of the things accomplished and checked off my list and I will begin the weekend calm and happy and everything will go perfectly and according to plan.

And and and.

My day of completing residency applications last week was hijacked by a student who met with me for what SHOULD have been a 10 minute conference about his paper but turned into an hour long conversation about his personal history (relevant to the paper, relevant to the class) and ended with him making a wildly inappropriate comment about my appearance (not relevant to the paper, not relevant to the class) disguised as audacious flattery but really most likely just a desperate attempt to improve his grade. Or maybe an underhanded attempt to put me in my place. Or maybe a good old-fashioned attempt to get in my pants. Who the hell knows? Whatever the reason, none of the above worked. It just pissed me off. 

So this morning I started a little more work on the applications, but now the kids are up and it's time to start the mad scramble of getting ready for school. I can't wait until all of this grading crap is behind me, these problematic students are out of my immediate life, and I can concentrate on what matters.

Onward, peeps.


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