Good News and My Morning Reading

A quick note to say, excitedly, that the online journal Menacing Hedge has accepted the first FIVE chapters in my fairy tale poem, "The Woman with the Frog Tongue," and as well as a handful of the in-between poems that enact a kind of conversation between a child reader and her mother. 

I know. The whole thing, from title to conceit, just sounds weird, doesn't it? I hope the actual poems are better than they sound when I try to describe them.

Also, I just finished reading this incredible poem by Monica Youn on the Poetry Foundation's web site.

This thing is a fucking achievement and might even make me subscribe to Poetry again.

I might use it in my Advanced Poetry class in the fall, too . . . if it runs. (Fingers crossed, please let it run!)

I'm feeling schizophrenic again. There is SO MUCH TO DO and that I want to do that I can't quite figure out what to focus on next. I'm doing, piecemeal, little things for school, little things for my writing, little things for the home. By the end of summer everything will be as it should, right? All important tasks finished and my home sparkling clean and free of clutter? Right?



Liz said…
Congratulations! Love Mum X
Anonymous said…
Congrats for the acceptance and thank you for the poem direction.
Gonna have to spend some time with it.
sarah gutowski said…
Thanks, Guy and Mum!

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