Spring (Semester) Cleaning

A photo-essay, of sorts:

The paper material I cleaned out of my filing cabinets last week and took home to place in the recycling, since we don't have a recycling program at the school. (Lame, I know.)
On the left, recycling that still needs to be brought home (a pregnant lady can only carry so much down three flights of stairs and across a parking lot to her car) along with a stack of papers that remains to be sorted through.

Another stack of papers that remains to be sorted through (on top of the filing cabinet)

One of those file organizers that I am OBVIOUSLY using correctly and efficiently.

The good part of last week. Newly organized file drawer! These are most of my committee-work files. See that big spiral-bound book? That's the Leadership Academy notebook. (It weighs more than a small child. I'm surprised the filing cabinet hasn't tipped over from its bulk.)
And another! These are most of my class materials -- I'm only half-way through organizing them. Those classes in the back still need to have quizzes/exams/handouts assigned their own folders.

So, as you can see, I busy doing something last week. This is all supposed to help me feel more calm about leaving in the middle of the semester -- like, if I have to take off sooner than expected, somehow my colleagues will be able to find all of the crap I deem necessary for teaching my classes.

Also, I wanted to provide proof to the Fabulous Ms. C.C. that I did actually clean something up last week. (For a few days, it looked like my filing cabinet had thrown up over every flat surface of our office.)


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