Allow me to give you a better sense of perspective re: my life and the post below. For all of the calm and "yay, things are getting back on track!"-ness that the post exudes, please note that almost the minute after I closed up my laptop, the morning went to shit, the kids did everything in their power to buck our system for getting out of the house on time, and I had a major meltdown.

I'm now really stressed out and panicky because I have only one real day to myself left in this spring break, and I'm spending it driving cars back and forth to the garage for inspection. Yay.



sarah gutowski said…
Every time something bad happens this semester, I feel like it's payback for the sabbatical. Like somehow I didn't deserve such a long period of productivity and self-indulgence, and now I have to pay the universe for what I more or less stole. (Hi! I'm cheerful!)

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